A Star on the Rise – Tarek Beidas, Agon Management Group President

Our very own President, Tarek Beidas, was recognized as a “Rising Star” entrepreneur in the sales and marketing industry and everyone here at Agon Management Group is elated! Tarek was recognized based on the growth of his company as well as the revenue that he has generated for his clients. As a part of this elite award, he was treated to a VIP weekend in LA. And since we couldn’t all go, we made him share his experience!

Tarek left Agon Management Group (McClean, Virginia) and caught a flight out of DC on Thursday. His Spotify station of choice was “New Music Friday” and made for an enjoyable trip all the way to LAX! Once there, he headed over to the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood where he and the rest of the entrepreneurs being recognized as “Rising Stars” were staying.

“The entire weekend we were treated like celebrities,” explained Tarek. We were being followed around with cameras and being catered to.”

agon-management-group-risingstarA few highlights of the trip included a wine and paint night for as the reception party and a VIP suite at the Lakers Game. The bus ride to the Staples Center was long due to the typical LA traffic, but enjoyable getting to hang out with fellow entrepreneurs, and there were complimentary beverages. The suite was fully loaded with a buffet and a private bar. Aside from the awesome events, each attendee was even given a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, and had a custom suit fitting where they were able to hand select their favorite fabrics and patterns! We look forward to seeing Tarek’s choices in the up and coming weeks!

So clearly the trip to LA was extremely fun, but Tarek made sure to add that above all, the best part of the trip was really getting to know this group of fellow entrepreneurs and learn a lot of valuable information. He told us that he gained a wealth of knowledge on entrepreneurship and how to take Agon Management Group to the next level.

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Through the eyes of a new team member: Agon Management Group

A new employee of Agon Management Group reviews her experience with our McLean-based firm.

Tarek (president), Carl (assistant manager), Sarah (assistant manager), and Claudia (team leader) en route to a conference in Dallas

It’s estimated that an average person will spend 21% of their waking hours at work in their lifetime – so you might as well enjoy it right? Agon Management Group couldn’t agree more! So what is like in our office? As you’d expect, you will see employees walking into the professional office building in their suits, ties and heels… but what you might NOT expect is hearing the music playing, lots of laughter and a team truly enjoying themselves.

Claudia, a recent addition to the Agon Management Group team (and pictured on the far right in the image above), says the people are what makes work not seem like work to her. Her job is enjoyable, but being able to work with a team who is just as motivated as you and excited to be there makes a huge impact on the overall vibe and attitude of the office. Everyone has their own reasons that they are working hard towards their goals, but the most important factor is that they all have something that they are working for and towards. But it’s not all hard work… “The team always knows how to make each other laugh, being silly and having fun. At the same time, they are great examples of how to stay balanced between striving for greatness and having fun, explained Claudia.

President Tarek (left) and human resources team member, Nabil, enjoying their trip to Pittsburg

In any company, there is a trickle-down effect. Good and Bad. At Agon Management Group, the positive and contagious energy starts with the president, Tarek. Some values that he exemplifies are integrity and having a positive attitude – which is apparent through employees’ actions. “I truly enjoy working with this great group of people and trust every one of them,” Claudia explained. “It’s great working for someone who is so enjoyable to be around and has such a positive aura that the rest of the team vibes off of.”

Agon Management Group also believes that creating relationships with coworkers outside of the office will stimulate a more cohesive working environment inside the office in return. One of Claudia’s favorite events outside of the office (so far) has been going out dancing with the team in DC! She described the benefit of doing things with the team outside of work this way: “It is very important because you get to know the people you work with on another level. That experience and bonding is priceless.”

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