Ringing in the New Year with Another Management Promotion at Agon Management Group

Here at Agon Management Group we could not think of a better way to close out 2016 than yet another promotion to Management! After already opening a new office in Pittsburgh earlier this year, Carl Udeozor is the most recent addition to the Management team. In lieu of his promotion and the overall successful year that the company has had, the entire leadership team rented out a house in Atlantic City for a weekend to celebrate!

agon-management-group-carlpromoted1Throughout Carl’s time at Agon Management Group he has traveled across the country to help develop new sales teams for varying clients in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. With this promotion, he will be in charge of the Maryland market for a client in the energy industry and they couldn’t be in better hands. President Tarek Beidas describes Carl as someone with a great student mentality, always listening to coaching and feedback, extremely competitive, and an individual who operates with the highest integrity. He went on to say that the challenges that come with the day to day interaction with customers never bothered Carl, he always had a great attitude and never let anything stand in the way of his goals.

“Carl is extremely self-motivated. I never had to worry about motivating him myself, he just understood his opportunity here and did what he knew he had to in order to earn it,” added Tarek.

agon-management-group-carlpromoted2When we asked Tarek what was one thing that he would miss about Carl when he opened his office in Maryland he talked about the memories that he has about Carl carrying an “unnecessarily large bag” around with him wherever he went. You could tell by his friendly, joking tone that these two have developed a great biz-bromance. So what is in this unnecessarily large bag? “I don’t know, 3 different laptops, numerous changes of clothes… it looks like he is always traveling!” explained Tarek.

As a part of the Management Training program that Agon Management Group provides, Carl gained all the necessary skills to leading a marketing and sales team. During his time with the company, he also reminded Tarek a few valuable things as well.

“Carl is always building people up, giving props to those who deserve it and extremely positive all of the time. He also gives people a chance. He takes the time to coach them and won’t give up on anyone too early,” explained Tarek.

Carl will be taking a team with him as a part of the expansion to Maryland and we wanted to know what piece of advice Tarek wanted to send him off with. This is what he had to say. “Continue to lead from the front, setting the example for your team. Spend time with your guys in and out of the office to develop strong relationships and really be involved in their coaching and development.”

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Have You Met Carl, Agon Management Group’s Assistant Manager?

President Tarek, Manager Anna, and our awesome Assistant Manager, Carl on the right!

Agon Management Group is making waves in Mclean, Virginia and Carl Udeozor, recently promoted to Assistant Manager, is one of the shining stars of our firm. Prior to joining the team here in metro DC, Carl was working as an administrative assistant at Technical Learning Center, a vocational school where medical assistants, medical office assistants and PC specialists are trained.

Part of his decision to find a new opportunity was due to the big goals that Carl has for himself. “I want to grow mentally as a true leader, being able to inspire people through my words,” says Udeozor. He also explained that he wants to be able to attain a level of financial freedom that will ensure that his family wants for absolutely nothing.

After receiving his degree in Economics, Udezor was not finding the ability to reach these goals with his previous position. Lucky for us, Carl chose Agon Management Group as his vehicle to pursue his life’s vision. After learning about the business model we have developed, where employees can begin in an entry level position with little to no experience and be mentored into senior level executive positions, based on true merit, his decision was an easy one. Now, he even plans to expand this model into his home country of Nigeria to help provide entrepreneurial opportunities there.

That’s Carl on the left! Accompanied by team member, Nabil.

Udeozor keeps his body and mind active outside of work as well. Once the shirt and tie come off, you might find him lifting weights at the gym, watching basketball, reading a good book or even playing cognitive enhancement games. Agon Management Group’s president, Tarek Beidas, attributes much of Udeozor’s success to his great student mentality – always asking questions, seeking to learn more and applying the information he gains as well as his competitive nature – always striving to be the best.

In addition to Udeozor’s May 27th promotion, Agon Management Group has already promoted one team member to Management, and just announced the upcoming promotion of Sarah Arshad to Assistant Management today as well! The unprecedented growth that our company is achieving is a direct reflection of our focus on delivering stellar results to our clients while rewarding the hard work and contributions of employees with an opportunity to advance within the company.

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Sarah Arshad on the Fast Track to Success — and Here’s Why

Our management team! Pictured from left to right: President Tarek, Manager Anna, Team Leader Sarah, Assistant Manager Carl.

The year is only halfway through, and Agon Management Group has been already exceeded our projected growth with a promotion to Manager, another to Assistant Manager and another one in the makings. But our Mclean team isn’t slowing down anytime soon! We wanted to highlight one of the key players at our company to get a better perspective of this amazing growth.

Our next Assistant Manager and all around pace-setter, Sarah Arshad

Sarah Arshad, originally from Oslo, Norway has been a crucial part of the success of Agon Management Group this year. President Tarek Beidas explained that “Sarah is an extremely consistent performer. There hasn’t been a day that she has not performed well for our client, reaching all of her sales goals.” He also explained that “she is very competitive and wins every bonus.” It makes sense that her team and others around her would try and replicate her habits of success. Besides her high performance, Beidas also added that “Sarah has a ‘down for whatever’ type of personality, willing to help anywhere she can, and is up for any challenge. She is also very fun to be around.”

Arshad joined Agon Management Group as an entry level associate, like all of her peers. She has been moving up the ranks very quickly, so we had to ask what her mentality was about her job and why she was so passionate about it. Her response made it very clear why she is progressing so quickly. She shared,

“I love the fact that every day is different; this opportunity allows me to work with new people every day and to help others achieve their goals based on a basic system. I believe our job is different from a ‘normal job’ because it has endless growth and opportunity. Our job allows us to progress based on our performance by implementing and applying a very basic system. Knowing that there is no requirement of previous experience to succeed in this business is an assurance itself; everybody can do it. What we were taught the first days in this businesses, is the exact same things that are going to pull us over the finish-line. Knowing this gives me the confidence that the sky is the limit, and it’s completely up to me if I want to reach it traveling in a hot air balloon or a rocket.”

With such a laser focus on achieving her goals, we were curious as to where Sarah saw herself in the future. She explained the she wants to have financial and professional freedom; happiness, security for herself and her family. A healthy life. To open offices all over the world where her role is to mentor and coach these offices to be successful. After speaking with Arshad about her goals and her experience thus far with Agon Management Group, we are definitely seeing her rocket her way to those goals and beyond!

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