The Iceberg Effect of Success

At Agon Management Group in McLean, Virginia, our goal is to equip our people with the habits and skills necessary to be successful in their careers. Most people look at someone who is considered to be successful and they only see where they are now. They forget or fail to realize, everything that it took for the person to reach that point in their career or life. The hard work, determination, and failures along the way that helped them reach their current destination. What we refer to as the iceberg effect correlates with how people view success as they would seeing an iceberg floating in the ocean. When you see an iceberg, you only see the top that is above the surface of the water. What you don’t see is what’s below the surface, typically much bigger and deeper than you initially thought. Icebergeffect

There is no secret recipe to success, any truly successful person will tell you that. It’s the sum of many little things that someone does on a daily basis, over time, which will help them reach their goals. This is one of the reasons that we have our employees begin in an entry-level sales and marketing position at Agon Management Group. It allows them to start from scratch developing habits that will help propel them forward in their career. Some of the habits that someone develops early on at our firm are time management, discipline, self-management, honesty and dealing with rejection. Through their hard work and determination, they will earn every promotion at our company, nothing will ever be “handed” to them. These truly fundamental ideas will translate into anything and everything they do, making them not only a great employee but also a very well-rounded person.

By holding true to our merit-based structure at Agon Management Group we are forcing our employees to step out of their comfort zones and take some risks, to see the rewards. It also brings them to the harsh reality of life that if you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to work for it. These type of mentalities are what will always separate the dreamers and the doers, and our team is filled with doers! We believe that with the right attitude and consistent behaviors there is truly nothing you can’t accomplish. To learn more about our D.C. firm, be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn.


Big Hairy Audacious Goals: The Reason We’re #1

Carl (assistant manager), Tarek (president) and Anna (manager) in Los Angeles at a seminar

Agon Management Group is currently in the midst of our most successful year in business. We’ve picked up one industry award after another, been recognized by our client, promoted one go-getter to a management position (read more), and promoted two rockstars to assistant management (read more here and here).

How have we done so much in such a short period of time?

The answer is BHAGs: Big Hairy Audacious Goals. You’re probably already familiar with this pretty silly-sounding term, if you’ve ever taken a business class or read one of the most famous business books of all time, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, by James Collins and Jerry Porras. The concept in a nutshell: a BHAG is a bold and powerful goal that is exciting, tangible and highly motivating. Here at Agon Management Group, each member of the team has his or her own BHAG, which is the driving force behind the success of the team as a whole.

We surveyed the members of our team to find out two things: First, their most inspiring materialistic goals. Second, what excites them most about earning success. Here’s what we found out…

The most popular big picture goal was no surprise to us! Almost half (46.67%) of the team said they were most excited about traveling the world. The next highest ranking was a big beautiful dream house, with a quarter (26.67%) of Agon Management Group’s vote. Next, 13.33% selected a nice car. There was a tie for the remaining two options of an unlimited shopping spree and dream closet (6.67%) and cool experiences (6.67%). No one selected the “other” category, so it looks like we nailed this list!

Next, we went a little deeper, and we found out some pretty inspiring things. Check out these incredible BHAGS that the team shared:

“Building a house for my parents in Africa.” -Carl

“Taking care of my son and insuring that he will have a happy life; Making sure my parents can retire and know that their son was able to make them proud.” -Samuel

“Since my mom struggled to send me to private school since I was 3 and I watched her struggle to help me be successful, I want to be able to provide for her. I also want to be able to provide for my children without struggle.” -Angelina

Helping my family be financially independent; Helping kids in Africa realize their dreams, and aiding them to achieve those dreams; Retiring at an early age while making money in my spare time.” –Adekunle

“Being able to provide for myself and my loved ones without having to question being able to do so.” -Sarah

“Traveling to see my family, and being able to send them plane tickets to visit me. Also, I want to try food from every country!” -Kareem

“My kids are my motivation. To give and provide for them.” -Brian

“Starting my own fashion line and becoming a stylist celebs and to those who need it. Also, starting an organization for under privileged girls who cannot afford nice clothing that will boost their confidence and show them how to shop on a budget.” -Crystal

“What motivates me the most is being able to prove people wrong. I want to show that I can do what is asked of me and go above and beyond with that.” -Nabil

Taking care of my family, retiring my parents, and taking care of my kids.” -Trevor

“Being able to take care of my Dad and future family. Family is the most important thing.” -Ray

“Taking care of my parents; Sending my nephews and nieces to college; Giving back.” -Robbin

“Helping others, I am a people person I love when I can make someone smile, it lights me up!” -Claudia

“Being able to give my kids the world motivates me the most. I will do anything for them just to see them smile.” -Cheyenne

These are some pretty spectacular goals. With goals this big, it’s no wonder that each member of the team at Agon Management Group performs each day at such a high level.

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