Agon Management Group Expands to Pittsburgh

Agon Management Group (McLean, VA) is thrilled to announce our recent expansion into the Pittsburgh, PA market. The new branch will be managed by former Assistant Manager, Anna Kim, who will be assuming responsibility for all operations in the new location. With strong roots in outsourced marketing services for energy companies, Agon Management Group will be representing a new high-profile new client, the largest energy retailer in North America. This is a big win for our firm and has opened up lots of new opportunities in McLean and Pittsburgh alike.

Tarek, Anna and Carl

Tarek Beidas, the president of Agon Management Group shared, “I’m really proud of Anna for working her way up and earning this big promotion. She’s got some great experience under her belt and she’s the perfect person to lead our Northeast expansion. Anna’s got a strong crew with her, and I have all the confidence in the world that they’re going to represent our company well.”

Anna Kim started as an entry level account manager with our firm and took part in our company’s renowned management training program. Over the course of several months, through the mastery of direct marketing and leadership skills, she moved into her prior role of assistant manager. Her time in this position thoroughly prepared her for the demands of her new branch management position.

Promotions at Agon Management Group are strictly based upon an individual’s performance, rather than tenure with the company. We keep all benchmarks as black and white as possible, ensuring that there is significant advancement opportunity for any of our account managers who display a strong work ethic, a great attitude, and a willingness to learn. Our management training program is a 12 to 18 month period of hands-on training intended to provide the necessary skills to run a successful business.

As we move into the summer months, we look forward to tremendous growth. We are hiring in both McLean and in Pittsburgh and are ready to train the brightest future leaders on the East Coast. For more information about career opportunities with Agon Management Group, visit our Careerbuilder page or call our office at (703) 821-2842.