4 Tips from Agon Management Group To Help Revamp Your Resume

l2r098v90njfuhkg0Your resume is your own personal promotional advertisement. The ability to sell your skills and experience will determine whether you are asked for an interview. Here are a few things we focus on here at Agon Management Group when reviewing resumes.

1) Make a lasting first impression

It takes only six seconds for a recruiter to make a decision about you, so first impressions are everything when it comes to presenting your resume to a future employer. Use the headline and the summary of your resume as tools to capture the reader’s attention by clearly emphasizing outstanding successes, relative experience, expertise and professional qualities that make you stand out from other candidates. At Agon Management Group we want to know: What are your Wow Factors? What separates you from the crowd? Target your strengths and exclusive details to ensure that the person reading your resume feels drawn in enough to bring you in for an interview, or better yet, offer you the position.

2) Understand the company culture and use their language

Don’t be tempted by the shortcut of sending the same resume to every company you apply to. By customizing your resume to each application you are able to focus on the targeted areas in the industry which you are applying for. Companies and businesses want to only see the information that is relevant to you benefitting their company. Highlight your past experiences that are applicable to the position you are trying to obtain. Don’t include unnecessary details, keep it short and sweet and to the point.

3) Make your contact information stand out so you are easily accessible

Include your email address, professional blog and/or relevant social media accounts. Include just one phone number (preferably a cell phone) and one email address. There is no need to include your full mailing address. Use color and shading, images and icons to your advantage. These can help to ensure that your resume will stand out. Just make sure your design matches the norms for your field.

4) Don’t lie

Employers can tell when candidates try to exaggerate their skills, as this is almost always uncovered during the interview process. State your skills, qualifications, and experience as positively as possible without misstating the truth. Don’t waste both the company’s and your time by using misleading information in hopes of getting the job. If you are the right fit for the position, you resume should naturally depict just that.

Your resumé must clearly and quickly communicate to employers that you can do the job, and make your key strengths easily apparent. These tips, which cover how well your resume reads, looks, and presents relevant content, will help give you the best possible opportunity to land an interview, the next step you’ll need to complete to secure a position.

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