From Penn State Law to Agon Management Group

Agon Management Group, located in McLean, Virginia is the ideal opportunity for recent college graduates to start their careers. With a high energy and fun work environment, coupled with career training and performance-based advancement, entry level employees have the ability to learn, grow, and have fun while doing it! The same has been true for Assistant Manager Sarah Arshad. We caught up with her again to learn more about her college experience.

Arshad joined Agon Management Group as an entry level associate after receiving her Master’s Degree in International Law from Penn State University Dickinson School of Law in 2015. Although the McLean firm does not require a specific degree as a prerequisite for an entry-level position, we were curious if Arshad felt as though she was utilizing hers. This is what she had to say: “Since I focused on international law (oil & gas law) I feel like my knowledge has been helpful in grasping the process of the campaign we are working with; my goal is to write my thesis on marketing business to business. What better way to utilize your degree than to defend the business you are working in! Moreover, there’s always a legal aspect to any kind of occupation and I just feel lucky that I have the opportunity to utilize that. Not to mention compliance, which is a significant part of this business.”

While studying at Penn State, Arshad also established an organizaagon-management-saraharshadgraduationtion within the law school to create a platform for international and national students to engage both socially and academically. “It was a GREAT success!  We had soo much fun. I’ve met people from all over the world and built life-long friendships,” explained Arshad. She also participated in Penn State Arbitration days, planned hay-rides and partook in THON which is the biggest charity event to raise money for children with cancer.

Starting your first job right out college can be intimidating, so who better to ask for advice than someone who recently went through it? Arshad worked her way up at Agon Management Group in a short period of time so we asked what her thoughts were on the matter.

“My advice is to be open-minded and not judge a job or opportunity. You never know if that is what is going to give you the growth you really looking for. Moreover, as a graduate you have very limited experience so having a potential employer offer you an opportunity: Stop thinking, just do it! Any experience is a good experience.”

Arshad told us that if she had the chance, she’d do it all over again! College that is. One of her favorite memagon-management-saraharshadwhiteoutories of Penn State was that the Law building was located right in front of Beaver Stadium (which is the 5th biggest college football stadium in the United States), so every time there was a home-game the tailgating started right outside her building! “It was insane!” she said. This is also where the WHITE-OUT game is hosted. Which is considered one of, if not the most reputable college football game of the year and everyone wears white! She wrapped up her college reminiscing with the well-known Penn State, “We are!”


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