The NFL team to get rid of… and other thoughts from mega sports fan, Nabil

Knicks vs Wizards at Verizon Center | Photo Cred: Nabil’s instagram!

“Agon,” as all of our blog readers know, means “competitive.” And competitive we are indeed here at Agon Management Group in McLean. But where did this mentality come from? For most of us, it comes from a background in sports. Whether it’s thanks to playing or watching, athletics have fostered an innate love for winning in each of us.

We pulled aside Nabil Shamsher, one of our company‘s key drivers of success, to find out what makes him tick when it comes to the sports arena. A heads up: if you’re not a fan of the New York teams, you might need to grab a cold one while you read this.

Who is your all-time favorite championship team in any sport?

knicksMy favorite team has got to be the New York Knicks, in general. They’re my hometown team, as I’m born in Queens, NY and lived on Long Island as well. They’re the first team I remember watching as I grew up. I remember they would play the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls in a lot in the playoffs when I was little, and I always hated those teams the most because we would always lose to them. Yet, I always stick with my team, no matter win or lose. I do my best to stay loyal. They’ve won a few championships, but those were all in the past. Hopefully, I’ll witness the Knicks win at least one ‘ship before I die.

What’s one NFL team you would get rid of right now?

UVA vs Georgia Tech | Photo Cred: Nabil’s instagram!

Great question. The most useless team in the NFL right now is definitely the Jacksonville Jaguars. No one goes to their games, they have hardly any talent, and they’re basically just…there. I haven’t met one person who actually cares for them. However, I’m sure other NFL teams would love to have them stay in the league in order to get a free win.

What’s one player you cannot stand in any sport?

l0k4ngslgbpujh1kcOne player whom I can’t stand is probably Cristiano Ronaldo. Sure, he’s a good player, but he is very cocky and is basically the Justin Bieber of sports. He cries like a baby, he has no respect for fellow players or even his teammates, and he thinks he’s the best in the world. I can’t stand someone with those egotistical qualities.

Do you have a favorite player?

My favorite player is Gareth Bale. I’ve always enjoyed his skills, while he was playing for my favorite soccer team, Tottenham. He carries the team on his back for the most part and is extremely humble about it. He also has cool hair, and his last name is the password for my iPhone. (Oops!) Funny thing is that he and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the same team right now.

What’s your favorite sports memory of all time?

Probably Allan Houston’s buzzer-beater against the Miami Heat, which led to the series win for the Knicks in the 2000 NBA playoffs. It was a big upset since the Knicks were the 8th seed, while Miami was the #1 seed in the East.

London, England

Last question for fun… What is one sports venue you want to visit before you die?

Wembley Stadium

There you have it! Whether you agree or disagree with our guru, Nabil, you have to admit that his answers are well thought out! We should mention — we know with certainty that not all of our team members at Agon Management Group are New York fans and Ronaldo haters… so with that being said, let the smack-talking begin!

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