Need Some Motivation? Here’s What Works For Us

Agon-Management-Group-McleanMotivation is never in short supply at Agon Management Group. We’d be willing to bet that we’re in the rare minority of teams who take the time to write down and discuss our goals daily. Why do we do this? Its simple: because our goals are extremely important to us. Our goals are the reason we show up to work each day and work as hard as we do.

If you’ve never heard this before, we’re going to let you in on a little success secret. If your goals are bigger than your excuses, you will succeed. Considering how ginormous our goals are — not to mention our solution-oriented, entrepreneurial mindsets — there’s zero doubt in our minds that each of us is on the path to success.

We’ve decided to share the love. Today’s blog post will feature words directly from our team describing what motivates them. Get excited…


“Seeing or hearing my mother’s pride is what keeps me going! Becoming all that I can be to see her smile and glow is worth more than any monetary value. LOVE YOU MOM!!” -Jessica S.

“What motivates me everyday is one day owning a nonprofit wildlife and domestic animal sanctuary as well as taking care of my family.” -Kelly H.

“Money.” -Brendan T.

“My family is very important to me — present and future — and I would do whatever it takes to make sure that we all have a great life.” -Ray B.

“Hard work pays off in the long run, and in this race I will rest at the finish line. I know that what I do now will set me up for freedom in the future.” -Naara F.

“I may be the underdog but I have one hell of a bite…. I am hungry for success but what will bring me success is my inner peace.” -Francisco B.

“The opportunity to be financially stable.” -Nabil S.

There you have it! Hopefully you’re feeling motivated now and you’re ready to conquer all that’s in front of you! Don’t forget to check back later for some more insight from Agon Management Group.

Learn more about Agon Management Group (McLean, VA):

Contact Us: or (703) 821-2842


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