5 Reasons to Embrace Your Competitive Spirit


At Agon Management Group, we encourage healthy competition amongst our team members. Many of our employees play sports, and competitive people naturally gravitate towards our firm’s energetic environment. Did you know that“Agon” means competitive in Greek?!  We believe that competitive discourse is extremely healthy for our team of motivated go-getters. The competitive spirits within our firm are never cut-throat and always team-oriented, which we think is the best way to be. We love to talk a little smack and encourage each other to hit our goals. Here are a few reasons that we thrive upon competition:

1. Motivation
When presented with a personal challenge or goal, many people find it hard to get going. Procrastination is a plague that is hard to shake. Why finish the work? Why reach your goal? What is the point? This is where competition is key. A little friendly competition can encourage employees to get to the next benchmark. A reward isn’t even necessary: the bragging rights after a playful defeat of a fellow team member will be enough!

2. Improved Teamwork
At Agon Management Group, competition always encourages team work. This is somewhat counterintuitive. Though technically ‘pitted against’ each other, everyone here is part of one team working towards one goal. The real fun begins when we’ve got multiple teams competing against each other. This encourages inter-team collaboration and support. Team members start asking each other for advice, and when knowledge is shared across the team, everyone wins.

3. Personal Goalsetting
When team members work against each other towards an overall goal, they start to notice personal improvements. Being in competition with someone pushes employees to take careful note of their skills, their time management and their overall performance. Taking stock of these attributes teaches our team how to use their time wisely for both personal and team goals.

4. Confidence
In completing goals within a competition, employees gain some serious self-confidence! A big win against a coworker results in bragging rights, and a good dose of pride. Competition encourages employees to show off their hard work and be celebrated for a job well done. There’s nothing wrong with self-confidence in the workplace!

5. Excitement!
Above all else, healthy competition is exciting. It brings an air of festivity to a workplace, and employees find themselves looking forward to the next opportunity to shine. This is easily one of the best parts of here! Whether there are rewards or not, everyone enjoys watching a face-off that determines a big winner. In the end, the entire team is working towards one goal, so why not have fun doing so?

Agon Management Group (McLean, Virginia) is one of the fastest growing outsourced sales and marketing firms in the DC metro area. 1749 Old Meadow Rd #600, McLean, VA 22102 (703) 821-2842.


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