The Iceberg Effect of Success

At Agon Management Group in McLean, Virginia, our goal is to equip our people with the habits and skills necessary to be successful in their careers. Most people look at someone who is considered to be successful and they only see where they are now. They forget or fail to realize, everything that it took for the person to reach that point in their career or life. The hard work, determination, and failures along the way that helped them reach their current destination. What we refer to as the iceberg effect correlates with how people view success as they would seeing an iceberg floating in the ocean. When you see an iceberg, you only see the top that is above the surface of the water. What you don’t see is what’s below the surface, typically much bigger and deeper than you initially thought. Icebergeffect

There is no secret recipe to success, any truly successful person will tell you that. It’s the sum of many little things that someone does on a daily basis, over time, which will help them reach their goals. This is one of the reasons that we have our employees begin in an entry-level sales and marketing position at Agon Management Group. It allows them to start from scratch developing habits that will help propel them forward in their career. Some of the habits that someone develops early on at our firm are time management, discipline, self-management, honesty and dealing with rejection. Through their hard work and determination, they will earn every promotion at our company, nothing will ever be “handed” to them. These truly fundamental ideas will translate into anything and everything they do, making them not only a great employee but also a very well-rounded person.

By holding true to our merit-based structure at Agon Management Group we are forcing our employees to step out of their comfort zones and take some risks, to see the rewards. It also brings them to the harsh reality of life that if you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to work for it. These type of mentalities are what will always separate the dreamers and the doers, and our team is filled with doers! We believe that with the right attitude and consistent behaviors there is truly nothing you can’t accomplish. To learn more about our D.C. firm, be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn.


3 Quotes To Supercharge Your Day

Agon Management Group has three quotes to get you motivated today.

“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” –Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine founder

We love this quote because it speaks to the work that we do for our clients at Agon Management Group. There are many companies who offer services with fancy names, but not all of them deliver real results. The way we see it, what’s most important is acquiring happy customers for our clients, and that doesn’t require jargon or buzzwords. Delivering quality is what it’s all about.

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own.” –Mark Victor Hansen

This quote might as well have been written by Tarek Beidas, the president of Agon Management Group! Did you know that writing down our goals is actually part of our morning routine? Not only do we record our weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals, but we also jot down what we’re looking to accomplish that day. It would be safe to attribute a big part of our firm’s to success to this very habit.

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.” –Brian Tracy

We often refer to what we do as a “people helping people” business. Teamwork is such an integral part of the success of any individual that if a person is only out for himself, he will not advance. The people who are most successful at Agon Management Group are the ones who genuinely care about seeing others succeed and are willing to take the time to help them do so.

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Austin Event a Success for Agon Management Group

agon-management-groupkts.jpgAgon Management Group in Mclean, VA recently joined hundreds of sales and marketing professionals from around the U.S. and Canada for the largest kick-off event of the year in Austin, TX! This annual event is geared towards recognition for top industry performers from the previous year as well looking ahead to new goals. It’s highly anticipated and this year’s event definitely did not disappoint. Check out some of the highlights!

Friday afternoon, attendees headed to registration to get their all access passes as well as check out vendor booths before their meetings began. Clients gathered to go over best practices, new announcements as well as recap 2016 results. The evening concluded with a welcome mixer for attendees to enjoy appetizers, drinks, and mingling with other guests

Saturday was a jam-packed day for Agon Management Group and the others. Breakfast was followed by a general session in which big awards were handed out, one after another. There were some huge announcements of new bonuses that will be up for grabs this year, which undoubtedly had the Mclean team salivating and motivated as can be. The group also heard about exciting new technology that is impacting the sales and marketing field. The crowd’s energy was high as a DJ, yes a DJ, was spinning in the background. People cheered and rang actual cow bells as bonus recipients took the stage. It was truly like nothing we have ever seen at a business conference.

Throughout the afternoon individuals attended smaller breakout meetings where they received coaching on different aspects of business catered toward their personal development. This is one of the areas where Agon Management Group took away tons of knowledge to bring back to their office! Once meetings ended, attendees raced to get in their formal gear and head to the cocktail reception and awards dinner. Yes, more awards! Over the course of the evening over $13,000 was raised for Operation Smile and one lucky 50/50 raffle winner left with an all-expense paid trip to London! Dinner entertainment included dancers, contortionists and lots of funky costumes.

Overall, it was an awesome event with lots of great takeaways. To learn more about the lessons learned by the Mclean, VA team, be sure to connect with them on Crunchbase and stay tuned for more pictures and details!

4 Tips from Agon Management Group To Help Revamp Your Resume

l2r098v90njfuhkg0Your resume is your own personal promotional advertisement. The ability to sell your skills and experience will determine whether you are asked for an interview. Here are a few things we focus on here at Agon Management Group when reviewing resumes.

1) Make a lasting first impression

It takes only six seconds for a recruiter to make a decision about you, so first impressions are everything when it comes to presenting your resume to a future employer. Use the headline and the summary of your resume as tools to capture the reader’s attention by clearly emphasizing outstanding successes, relative experience, expertise and professional qualities that make you stand out from other candidates. At Agon Management Group we want to know: What are your Wow Factors? What separates you from the crowd? Target your strengths and exclusive details to ensure that the person reading your resume feels drawn in enough to bring you in for an interview, or better yet, offer you the position.

2) Understand the company culture and use their language

Don’t be tempted by the shortcut of sending the same resume to every company you apply to. By customizing your resume to each application you are able to focus on the targeted areas in the industry which you are applying for. Companies and businesses want to only see the information that is relevant to you benefitting their company. Highlight your past experiences that are applicable to the position you are trying to obtain. Don’t include unnecessary details, keep it short and sweet and to the point.

3) Make your contact information stand out so you are easily accessible

Include your email address, professional blog and/or relevant social media accounts. Include just one phone number (preferably a cell phone) and one email address. There is no need to include your full mailing address. Use color and shading, images and icons to your advantage. These can help to ensure that your resume will stand out. Just make sure your design matches the norms for your field.

4) Don’t lie

Employers can tell when candidates try to exaggerate their skills, as this is almost always uncovered during the interview process. State your skills, qualifications, and experience as positively as possible without misstating the truth. Don’t waste both the company’s and your time by using misleading information in hopes of getting the job. If you are the right fit for the position, you resume should naturally depict just that.

Your resumé must clearly and quickly communicate to employers that you can do the job, and make your key strengths easily apparent. These tips, which cover how well your resume reads, looks, and presents relevant content, will help give you the best possible opportunity to land an interview, the next step you’ll need to complete to secure a position.

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3 Tips You’ll Be Thankful for Next Time You Travel for Work

When you attend over a dozen conferences and events each year like we do at Agon Management Group, you start to pick up some great tips and tricks! Here are a few of our favorite travel suggestions that you won’t find just anywhere.

TIP #1: Do this before the festivities begin.

We all know what it’s like to hop off the plane, arrive at an event, and be suddenly bombarded by people to greet and itineraries to decipher.

vbxyq3w0kcbhwThis is a great tip that will help make your whole trip more smooth. Do your best to build an extra thirty minutes into your first-day routine. Unpack your suitcase, stick your shampoo in the shower, your toothbrush on the counter, and most importantly… check the condition of your clothing!  Unless you’re a super-duper packing genius, it’s likely that many of your items are wrinkled. Instead of leaving it for the last minute (or worse, not taking care of it at all), iron or steam your clothing and hang it in the closet.

Take it from us, there’s nothing worse than waking up at the crack of dawn for a conference, thinking you’ll quickly throw on your suit and run downstairs, and then realizing that you’ve got some emergency ironing to do in 1 minute or less!

TIP #2: Make this important pit-stop on the way to your hotel.

Whether you’re Ubering, taxiing, or walking, one of the best tips from Agon Management Group is to pick up some goodies on your trip from the airport to your hotel. We suggest a case of water bottles, some snacks, and maybe a couple granola bars.

You’re usually so busy networking that you forget to take care of yourself. When you finally realize you’re thirsty, it’s when that single ‘complimentary’ water bottle from the hotel is already polished off. So do yourself a favor and buy yourself some reasonably priced groceries before you head to your hotel.

TIP #3: Get all your ducks in a row before you get distracted.

There are lots of little details to remember when you’re traveling for work, and our suggestion is to take care of them all at once. A great time to do this is while you’re doing Tip #1 and settling your nest.

Start by taking a look at your return travel plans — what time is your flight and what time do you need to leave for the airport? You may want to jot this down somewhere. If you’re flying Southwest and want to reserve that sacred A seat, you’ll want to set an alarm on your phone 24 hours before your flight. Don’t expect yourself to remember as you’ll likely be in the midst of a busy day.

What about waking up? We are huge fans of the hotel wake-up call. It’s a great backup alarm for your cell phone alarm. Set one up for every day you’re out of town.

Meeting with clients or colleagues? Do you need to make a dinner reservation? Do it now. Don’t wait until the evening of — especially if you’re not familiar with the city.

Traveling in a city that doesn’t have Uber? Have you figured out your local options? It’s nice to have a few minutes to ask the concierge while you’re not in a rush.

As with anything, if you take a the time to prepare and plan, you’ll save yourself a good deal of stress down the line. Not to mention, you won’t miss your flight!

The team at Agon Management Group is fortunate to travel all the time — so stay tuned to hear about future events.






Be a Duck — and 2 Other Tips to Keep a Positive Attitude at Work

Agon Management Group shares their tips on how to keep a positive attitude at work.

agon-management-group-1Have you heard this one before, “Your attitude determines your altitude”? Well, at Agon Management Group in McLean, we believe in that mantra whole-heartedly. The best part is that your attitude is one of the only things that you are completely in control of. How you react and handle challenges that arise is up to you. How you deal with negative people is your decision. And how you view your circumstances is, yet again, your choice. But lucky for you, we are sharing three simple tips on how to maintain a positive attitude!

1. Avoid the Negative Nancy’s. There are always going to be people who complain about the world being out to get them. These are the people who have a knack for finding the negative in any situation. Your best bet is to simply avoid them. And when you can’t, at least limit your time talking to them. Whatever you do, don’t let their negativity wear off on you!

agon-management-group-22. Identify what brings down your attitude or stresses you out, and plan accordingly. If you know that you are a hangry person… don’t let yourself get too hungry, have snacks handy! If you know that you lose your mind when things are disorganized, plan ahead and stick to your schedule. Whatever it is that might affect your attitude, do your best to accommodate ahead of time.

3. When in doubt, be a duck. You see, duck feathers are waterproof. Any water that accumulates on them literally rolls off and the duck doesn’t feel a thing! That’s what you have to do when uncontrollable circumstances arise that could fluster you, just let them roll off your back like water on a duck. You can’t control everything, but you can choose how you react to them!


At Agon Management Group we teach skills like these and much more as a part of our Management Training Program. To us, it’s not about just teaching the skills necessary for someone to do their job, but also to develop them further as a business professional. To learn more about the training we offer, connect with Agon Management Group on LinkedIn.

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Haven’t Worked — And How To Change That

agon-management-group-newyearAgon Management Group (McLean, VA) has already kicked off 2017 with a bang. If you’re like us, you probably know dozens of people who have made New Year’s Resolutions — and you probably even made a couple yourself. We are of the belief that a new year is not necessary to make changes in your life; however, it is a natural restart that is worth taking advantage of.

For many, New Year’s Resolutions last a month — maybe a few, at best. With today being the eighth day of January and just over the first week of the “new you,” it’s the perfect time to check in and make sure that your daily habits have you on track to achieve your goals.

We talked to some of the staff at Agon Management Group to find out why their Resolutions haven’t panned out in the past and what they’ve learned to ensure that doesn’t happen again. The good news for you is that we’re sharing their tips with you!

Here goes…

You don’t really want to do it. Most ‘Resolutioners’ set themselves up to fail from the very beginning. When setting their resolutions they do not find something that is deeply motivating and that they are truly passionate about. So when things start getting difficult, inconvenient, or the novelty wears off, they fall off the bandwagon. This year, choose something that you know, come hell or high water, you want to… no… NEED to do. That way, you will genuinely care about completing your mission!

They are unrealistic. It’s good to have high ambitions, but not so high that it feels unattainable in the time limit that you are giving yourself (in this case, one year.) Instead, decide on something that will challenge you and push you to become better, but will not discourage you.

There is no plan in place. “A goal without a plan is just a dream.” Wake up! In order to achieve something great, it isn’t going to just happen to you! Put an action plan in place to keep you on track and if you start to get sidetracked, revisit that plan. Consider it a map to your destination. There may be roadblocks, detours, and accidents along the way, but you still need to get there!

We hope that these tips help you achieve your resolutions this year, for once! To learn more about Agon Management Group in McLean, connect with us on LinkedIn.